This is ResMem: A state-of-the-art machine learning model for predicting the intrinsic memorability of an image. Simply upload an image below and it will be sent to a server, and the estimated memorability of your image will be sent back in a few moments. More information on ResMem and its development can be found here. You can also read our paper here.

This web app is designed as a demonstration. If you’d like to use ResMem to process a large quantity of images, please use the resmem package for python. The package is available here, and can be downloaded with

pip install resmem

If you use ResMem for your research, please cite our paper (there is also a sample citation for the package at the bottom of the page):

Needell, C. D., & Bainbridge, W. A. (2022). Embracing New Techniques in Deep Learning for Estimating Image Memorability. Computational Brain & Behavior. 
We are keeping track of successful (and unsuccessful) validations of ResMem! You can access that list here. If you have tried the model with an alternate stimulus set, we would love to post a link / citation to your results on our ongoing list — please e-mail us or fill out this contact form if you have!


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