New Paper in Neuropsychologia

Dr. Bainbridge has a new paper out in Neuropsychologia, entitled "The resiliency of image memorability: A predictor of memory separate from attention and priming". This research examines the phenomena of memorability by exploring two main questions: is image...

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New Paper Out in Current Biology

Dr. Bainbridge and collaborator Dr. Chris Baker have recently published "Boundaries Extend and Contract in Scene Memory Depending on Image Properties" inĀ Current Biology. This paper takes a look at the well-established phenomenon of "boundary extension" and their...

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The Beginning of the Brain Bridge Lab!

The Brain Bridge Lab has officially started! Today, Dr. Wilma Bainbridge joined the University of Chicago's faculty as an Assistant Professor, having just finished her post-doc at the National Institute of Mental Health. She is joined by Deepa Prasad, the new lab...

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