Congratulations Hannah, a 3rd year PhD student, for her publication in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General: “Children develop adult-like visual sensitivity to image memorability by the age of 4”. In her paper, she utilized data from Saragosa-Harris et al. (2021), where children aged 3-5 encoded animal-scene image pairs, and compared it to ResMem (Needell & Bainbridge, 2022), a pre-trained deep neural network that predicts adult image memorability scores. By doing so, she found that ResMem predicted scene memory of children by the age of 4 and that children at age 3 show nonadult-like consistent memory patterns, implying that the nonadult-like memory patterns were not due to poor memory performance. Her results suggest that adult-like sensitivity to image memorability emerges by the age of 4 through experience. Learn more about her work by reading the paper here!